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Reinstall bootloader of Arduino

I use a AVRISP mkII for programming my arduino with eclipse. All fine but after first upload with avrdude, I also removed the arduino bootloader.

The bootloader can be restored. Typical (mint linux / debian) folder is:

Just start avrdude with:
avrdude -c avrispmkII -p atmega328p -U flash:w:optiboot_atmega328.hex:a

Remove the USB cable and plug it in ... arduino should be programmable with the ardunino app.

Firefox - Resize of Tab text height by CSS? Really??

I found a way to change the height of the tab text of firefox. Check both screenshots to see the difference. If necessary, create a ~/.mozilla/firefox/BLABLABLA.default/"chrome" folder and create the userChrome.css with this code:

:root {
--tab-min-height: 15px !important;



Kickstarter: LED Lighting with NeoPixel 16 and ATmega32u4 / Pico

Tests with Pico. Works fine with the Arduino development tool. Just use the "Arduino Leonardo" Board for flashing.

Kickstarter Page



TASCAM DR-05 Version 2.50

The TASCAM DR-05 recorder got a new software update. Ok, the german language is a little bit confusing for english-tech-speaking users but hey ... I used 2.1 before and this seems to be a good idea.

Just one note: Not sure why but step 7 did not work for me. I pressed MARK, BACKWARDS AND(!) POWER_ON. After this, the start screen changed and the update was avaiable in the list by pressing "play". Never mind.
Link to TASCAM SW Download



Testing Thinkpad 13 2.Gen

Testing my new toy. LinuxMint works fine. Will report more :-)


Playing around with youtube plugin

Small test - do not use left aligan :-)


Which CMS is this???

FYI, my current CMS:

Worst keyboard layout ever

Guess, which key is missing >>-D


Okey, thanks to xev and xmodmap, I was able to set "<" and ">" to STRG Y and STRG X but I'm still unhappy with this hardware keyboard. It seems that after a little warm up, the hardware connections of the keys "w" and "d" shortcuts also the "e" key ... so, when you pressing "w" and "d" at the same time, "e" will be also pressed ... hm, "w" and "d" at the same time ... how often would this ACUTUALLY HAPPEND?!?! Yes. Every fuc*ing time when I'm using WASD.